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WOW or Worship on Wednesdays is held each summer for 10 weeks from June through August. It features outdoor worship at the Land of Promise pavilion. St. Timothy's praise band Glorious Day leads worship for the first and last Wednesdays with other praise bands from around the Lehigh Valley leading worship the other Wednesdays. WOW is well attended by visitors from around the valley. We invite everyone to join us as we praise God in worship and make at joyful noise!

Peach Festival

The annual Peach Festival is held in mid-August to help us become better acquainted with our neighbros and for them to become better acquainted with St. Timothy and what we do.

The Peach Festival serves free peaches and ice cream to the families in our neighborhood. The event is extremely popular with the several hundred visitors attending each year. Especially popular is the accompanying bake sale of items which are made by our members from fresh peaches! The sale proceeds are used to benefit one of our mission outreach programs.

Outdoor Worship

Our annual outdoor worship service and church picnic is held annually on the first Sunday after Labor Day in the pavilion on the “Land of Promise” across the street from the church.


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